2006 Fort Ward

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A cold, crisp February morning found 12 Guardsmen and our fifer at Fort Ward in Alexandria, Virginia. 4th Coy formed the backbone (and right flank) of the Crown forces, bolstered by a half dozen Hessians, another half dozen Highlanders, and four members of the 17th Foot.

The event was a relatively small, one day encampment with plenty of time for drilling before a short skirmish in the afternoon. With temperatures hovering around 30 degrees, SGP took it upon himself to keep 4th Coy warm with some marching and drilling. The opportunity was also taken to allow the new NCO candidates a chance to lead drill.

The afternoon skirmish was similar to past years. Following a short cannon barrage, the rest of the crown forces stepped out onto the field to give fire to the continental line, made up of men from the 1st Virginia. 4th Coy was held in reserve and was committed to the right flank after several volleys. 4th Coy moved into position in two ranks, with the crowd hugging our right flank and the Hessian contingent to our immediate left. Following a series of volleys, 4th Coy fired at will until the 1st Virginia advanced and forced us to retreat and give the field. A quick check of the cartridge box found few cartridges left.

4th Coy DrillingSGP Addressing the CompanySome Down TimeMarching to the MusicInstructing a Young RecruitMarching with Charged BayonetsCompany Formation, At EaseShouldered Firelocks Before the Battle4th Coy Volley at the ContinentalsFiring at Will and Taking Casualties4th Coy Drilling, Practicing our Volley Fires4th Coy Formation in a Single Rank4th Coy Drilling, Preparing to Prime and Load4th Coy, Just Before FiringSearching Firelocks After the Battle4th Coy Marching Off the Field of BattleMarching with Fixed Bayonets Before the Battle4th Coy Marching Through the CrowdStanding at Ease During the Final FormationStanding at Attention Prior to Being Dismissed

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